The only piece of advice I’ll ever give recent grads

Since I work in the startup capital of the world, I’m constantly hearing elevator pitches.

If you’re not familiar, the idea is to explain what your business idea is in the time it takes to complete an elevator ride (typically 60 seconds).

After four months I’ve heard somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 of them (I go to a lot of events), so you can imagine that someone who’s lived and breathed startups for several years has probably heard thousands, if not tens of thousands.

It got me thinking about what makes an elevator pitch stand out and how I  synthesize not just my professional aspirations, but larger life goals too.

While I don’t personally subscribe to the idea that we’re selling ourselves constantly I do think we are explaining, or not explaining, our value more often than we acknowledge.

One of the best articulations I’ve seen of this comes from a brilliant dude named Bill Conover, who is Director of Spiritual Life at my undergrad, Beloit College.

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