Your life is an information design project

One of my favorite bloggers, Lauren Bacon, just posted something really smart, you should go take a look. 

A trap that’s easy to fall into is the whole “I don’t have enough time to do X even though I know it’s good for me” thing.

Since we spend so much time being regulated (job, family, bills, etc…) it’s easy to feel like there’s no time to be creative.

That attitude overlooks one crucial truth: everything in your life is information design.

This is true whether you’re talking about doing laundry, renegotiating job role with your employer, or going for a job. You are subject to structures of information all the time. And, you can impose your own structure also.

Now, I’m just as guilty as anyone else. Right now I work massive hours, don’t exercise, and am not eating as well as I should. So this doesn’t come from a place of righteousness at all. But as my own toughest critic I know that most of the structure I am working within is flexible.

The problem isn’t the things in my life, it’s the way in which I arrange them.

As Lauren points out, we have a responsibility to be conscious about the project that is our life. Everything is important, both for what we include and what we don’t include….what we get done and what we don’t get done. Those are all part of the information design that structures our life, and tells us consciously and subconsciously what is important.


What does your life look like as an information design project?

8 thoughts on “Your life is an information design project”

  1. So true about this being easier said than done. Forcing myself to work out is not my favorite thing to do. Today, I went though, and this meatwad thickneck guy was all pumping iron and grunting, making my 5 lb. hand weights exercises look pretty spectacular in comparison I’m sure. And he’s giving me the evil eye, and I’m all like “Whatever, you’ve lost your neck, it just blends into your head now. You are solid. And full of bile. And steroids.” That’s what I said in my head anyway. I’m sure he got the picture.

    1. Ha! I think you’re giving him a lot of credit for having thoughts =)

      I have met a few people I thought were meatheads who were in fact crazy smart. Not too often though.

      The thing about thinking of your life as information design, is it gives you a healthy respect for habits and boundaries. When you create a pattern it’s pretty hard to uncreate it.

  2. Balance…not easily achieved. The ball I’ve allowed to drop has been health/fitness. I’m working on correcting that now. It’s not easy to get back on the exercise bandwagon once you fall off.

  3. “The problem isn’t the things in my life, it’s the way in which I arrange them.”

    That’s something to post over my desk! Great takeaway. Thanks!

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