That post where I say “things changing and this time I think I found the one [blog]”

I’ve always kept a divide between my career and personal life.

Partly this is for convenience, I like the privacy. It’s also about interacting with people who probably don’t care about the more professional side of me. Or vice versa.

It’s become a lot of work….luckily from a professional perspective I’m no longer in a corporate environment where I need to segment that stuff. And frankly, I wouldn’t want to do business with anyone who has some objection to the core stuff I believe in.

So, I’m folding my long standing and not very successful attempts to keep two separate blogs. If you dig the stuff about culture, gender, social structure, and the questions I like to ask, well there’ll be plenty more of that to come. There’ll also be a few observations from my professional life.

I hope you’ll stay on board and promise it won’t be too boring. I seem to have a pretty good knack for keeping that stuff to myself.

One thought on “That post where I say “things changing and this time I think I found the one [blog]””

  1. Good luck.

    Most definitely I don’t blog related to my job/professional life. If I mix the 2 together people would start forming preconceived notions about me.

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