Censoring & LGBT Civil Rights

Update: CNM Administration claims they pulled the issue because a minor was mentioned in it.

Which is a different tune from their original statement when they said “CNM felt the content was offensive and not appropriate for the educational mission of CNM.”

Apparently they are so hypocritical that they can’t even admit they made a mistake, something that’s obvious to pretty much everyone else.

Something just teed me off.

On the list of things that I dislike, messing with LGBTQIA rights is big and messing with the 1st Amendment is even bigger.

So when I read this story in the NM Compass about how the Central New Mexico Community College pulled an entire issue of the student run paper, I was not pleased. The response from “the administration” wasn’t particularly inspiring either.

Below is the email I sent to their president. If you’re on the same page I encourage you to send her a note as well. Her name is Dr. Katherine Winograd and her email is winograd@cnm.edu

I’m old school so I’ll probably even send her a nice, long letter.

Dr. Winograd,

I am deeply saddened to hear of the decision to pull yesterday’s edition of the CNM Chronicle and urge your administration to reconsider.

I personally support the content decisions by Jyllian Roach and her team. Bringing light to the topic of sexual identity is a civil rights issue, and should be a core responsibility of institutions of higher education. Regardless of my personal feelings about the content, I am even more frustrated with your administration’s decision to completely disregard the protections of the 1st Amendment.

Why have a paper at all? Why even admit students who don’t fit some neat, easy to discuss category?

I’ve been a New Mexico resident for 22 years, and up until now I’ve always had good things to say about CNM (and TVI, in the days before the name change).

The decision to pull the paper is wrong and shameful. As a media professional and supporter of local education and journalism, I’m embarrassed for the students and staff of CNM.

I encourage you to right this wrong immediately by allowing the redistribution of this issue and then holding a forum to discuss the decision, and your concerns with the content as well as any past problems (which have not been detailed in any meaningful way, as of now).


Joe Cardillo

Albuquerque Academy ’02

Long time resident of New Mexico

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