Censoring & LGBT Civil Rights

Update: CNM Administration claims they pulled the issue because a minor was mentioned in it.

Which is a different tune from their original statement when they said “CNM felt the content was offensive and not appropriate for the educational mission of CNM.”

Apparently they are so hypocritical that they can’t even admit they made a mistake, something that’s obvious to pretty much everyone else.

Something just teed me off.

On the list of things that I dislike, messing with LGBTQIA rights is big and messing with the 1st Amendment is even bigger.

So when I read this story in the NM Compass about how the Central New Mexico Community College pulled an entire issue of the student run paper, I was not pleased. The response from “the administration” wasn’t particularly inspiring either.

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IBnA Thursday: The Cowbells “More”

***This is the third in a series of  two, wherein I review bands that don’t exist.

Under pressure, almost any musician will admit to having dictatorial ambitions.

A prime example is John Tesh, who in a heated 1997 interview with Geraldo Rivera acknowledged he’d been building an alternate society on Alexander Island, just off the tip of Antarctica. He’d gone so far as to import a large population of Maltese dogs, taught them Moon Phase Farming, and indoctrinated them to believe they were destined to rule the world when the nuclear holocaust occurred. It went unstated in that interview but was implied that he would be their leader, given that nomenclature in this society would refer to the dogs as “Teshians.” When queried the U.S. Department of State would not comment but did confirm that “Maltese are a lovely breed of dogs.”

The Cowbells revealed similar ambitions in their debut release three years ago on Putin Is Really Just Louie Prima In Disguise Records. “Skim Milk is Good Enough For Us and Better Be For You, Too” was a masterpiece of pop ambition, hailed by Rolling Stone as “one of the best records released on April 11, 2010, ever” and called “astonishingly pointless” by Verve.

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