Give my friends money or I’ll tell your mom about the time you borrowed her braces

Several months ago I met a couple of amazing people on Twitter.

Erin (@ErinMargolin) is an accomplished blogger and awesome and smart person with a ton of great attributes.

Amie (@snuskiga) is a rad chick from the Bay Area who is brash, funny, smart, and super loyal and well on her way to becoming an accomplished blogger as well.

Together they make up the Gay Dad Project, which is all about sharing stories and support for people with a gay father.

There are a lot of causes I’m interested in, but Amie and Erin stood out immediately to me as people who are truly embodying an important one: acceptance and acknowledgement of who they truly are as individuals, and who their fathers are. I’m not sure if they’ve thought of it in these terms, but to me their pursuit not only supports people with a gay parent…it also models for everyone how we should live, with open hearts and the desire to be better and more compassionate even when that requires intense vulnerability.

That being said, they’re raising money to make a documentary film about their experiences and the experiences of others with gay parents. They’re doing well so far, but with just 26 hours left they need all the help they can get. Currently 200 people have donated, and anything you can add would help.

Visit their indiegogo site here:

And just so we are clear, I DO have a copy of that photo of you at prom back in ’93 and if your mom sees you wearing her star spangled banner branded braces……well, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be you.


8 thoughts on “Give my friends money or I’ll tell your mom about the time you borrowed her braces”

    1. I’m glad you liked =)

      They’ve inspired me to think about some really great families I know, and the defining factors are rarely gender/religion/cultural isolated, instead it’s about a positive and inclusive attitude towards life and other human beings.

  1. Joe this post, and your words, are really touching. It’s such a strange feeling (for me) to hear people say such nice things. I’m not sure why it’s so strange …. I think it has something to do with airing my deepest insecurities and learning to expect the worst. Anyway, whatever it is …. thank YOU for all your loyalty to us and our project. 🙂

    (And just for the record … you aren’t a bad blogger yourself. :P)

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