Balancing the internal checkbook

In a timeless Internet Tradition, I’ve neglected posting a bit lately.

It’s not for lack of ideas, I’ve got a list that’s in the ‘teens and there’s plenty of inspiration. But I’ve been buried in other pursuits….including writing a song for each day in January, planning a couple of art projects that will be opening at our house in late Spring (affectionately dubbed Iron Haus due to our street name), learning to play the drums (surprisingly, better at this than expected), getting into a good rhythm at work, running semi-regularly again, and a mess ‘o additional responsibilities.

Typically I don’t get into politics on this blog, but watching the fiscal cliff drama during December/January made me think about the dynamics of Washington, and how individual and group habits shape the business of getting things done. We’ve always held our politicians to a higher standard of ethics, but in the last decade or so they appear to be determined to hold themselves to a lower standard.

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I met one of the Nice Guys of OKCupid and he’s still in middle school

Although it’s currently offline, I took a good look at the recent Nice Guys of OKCupid Tumblr. (Update: you can view the full archive here—> (thanks to Artificial Angels for the tip)

If you’re not familiar, you can get a sense of the purpose of it by reading this Jezebel article by Hugo Schwyzer.

Needless to say, it’s not about changing the way people think or communicate so much as it’s about mocking a specific man, the archetypical Nice Guy.

While I found some of the profiles disturbing, some were simply very sad and gave little indication that the authors were, as Hugo suggests, demanding sex in exchange for being nice guys.

As Ally Fogg notes in a recent post:

“…many of the entries come across as more self-pitying, bitter or pathetic than those above. Those are not attractive qualities, but they are sadly common among people who are  at an extremely low ebb emotionally, or struggling with depression.”

I should be clear: I don’t really have anything to say to the people Hugo thinks he is addressing. If your only goal is sex, and you can’t be bothered to initiate it in an honest, straightforward and ethical way (read: not pretending friendship or shoulder to cry on) with other people interested in the same thing, this post is not for you or about you.

But I’m not so sure that everyone tagged with the Nice Guy archetype only cares about sex and is a terrible human being.

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Trial of the Century’s Strangest Search Terms of 2012

People look for some strange things.

You can tell just by the things that Google auto-fills for you when you start typing.

So without further adieu, and in no particular order, I present to you Trial of the Century’s Best Kind of creepy? Strangest Search Terms of 2012. These are some of the things people punched into Google or another search engine before they clicked through to this blog.

Yes, I know that it’s January 4th and pretty much no one even remembers that there was a 2012 by now. But I thought this was worth sharing…

1. “i had sex once but i wasn’t really allowed to”

2. “sex trial of the century the sun”

3. “twitter is for people with poor reading and writing skills.”

4. “feminists die alone with cats”

5. “manmore of the year”

6. “bare-knuckle rabbit boxing league” — I actually used this phrase in a post. But still….was someone trying to find a new way to bet in Vegas?

7. “does age matter in a relationship hugh hefner”

8. “i want to get married again”

What weird search terms did people use to find your blog?