A running start on resolutions, my movie cameo, how you can have Fun-A-Day and thoughts on Not Being Dead

Eventually I was going to write up a post that is a mix-mash of thoughts, and apparently this is that post…


I spent some time this week thinking about resolutions for the New Year, and for the first time ever found myself in the position of feeling like I’ve already started on all the things I want to do next year.

Already in progress are: exercising more, cutting down on drinking soda and alcoholic beverages, engaging in creative physical exertions (biking more, had my 1st massage ever, going to yoga), small but fun art projects, jamming with friends on their ideas, and regularly re-thinking about how I want to live my life.

One of the things I want to focus on is being creative every single day. I’ve been writing and playing music consistently since August. I’ve been writing a song a day and started recording some of them a couple of weeks ago.

Which leads me to…..


This is a great way to inject some creativity into your life by making something fun every day in January. I had a great idea last year but didn’t follow up properly. So this year I’m going to take the momentum from writing a song a day in December and apply that to January. I’m not yet sure how I’m going to display 31 songs (ideas anyone?) but I’m confident I’ll be able to complete the task. This time I also bit off something I feel I can chew. Each song typically takes me 5-10 minutes to write, and I’ve committed to not overthinking it so that I can complete it in as little as 20 minutes, although some will probably take a bit longer.

Here’s the Facebook group if you’re in Albuquerque: http://www.facebook.com/events/395897153823881/

Typically there is an informal exhibition (Albuquerque’s is at the Tan Gallery – http://thetan1415.com/). If you’re elsewhere, see if your city is participating by visiting this site: http://artclash.com/

And you can always setup your own Fun-A-Day and exhibit the results in your house/basement/on a street corner. It’s supposed to be fun and encourage people (not just artists) to find creativity in everyday life.

Movie Cameo in The Last Stand

You probably can’t tell, but I used to be an actor. I still love the work, but somehow ended up more on the business side of the world. Anyway, last year I was a featured extra in the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger Hollywood Blockbuster, and the movie is finally coming out January 18th.

See this moment :48 into the trailer? I’m in the elevator behind bad guy Eduardo Noriega. I can’t say for sure but based on the scene that they filmed I think I’ll be featured for at least a few seconds in the actual movie.

On Not Being Dead

There’s a really great article over on NYTimes.com by writer Bill Hayes. It’s called On Not Being Dead, click here to read it.

This is one of my favorite quotes from the piece:

“I suppose it’s a cliché to say you’re glad to be alive, that life is short, but to say you’re glad to be not dead requires a specific intimacy with loss that comes only with age or deep experience.”

I can’t say I have the age part down (I’m 28, almost 29) but the deep experience of loss, that’s something I can relate to. He makes some interesting points and I recommend reading it a couple of times when you are not in a hurry. There are a lot of ways to be not dead. Lately I’ve been noticing the contrast of silhouettes, leave-less trees against the sky, phone wires running across them mimicking scenes from the telegraph poles that must have existed a hundred years ago. If you think about it we are all silhouettes against a background, and sometimes our lives are backgrounds for others. I even wrote a song about that recently, too.

Speaking of songs, last but not least for the day……..I’ve recently started listening to a great band called Widowspeak. All of their music is worth listening to but this cover of Chris Issak’s Wicked Game is especially excellent

New Year’s resolutions, anyone? You’ve got a few days left to storyboard…..if I can be of help in some way let me know


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