Year of questions: Should we help others?

I hope the answer is yes.


4 thoughts on “Year of questions: Should we help others?”

  1. Without a shadow of a doubt. Absolutely yes. Love, kindness and support should be freely given without expecting anything in return. At least that’s the way I see it. If I were to add “who have hurt us deeply and without remorse?” to the end of your question, would that change your answer?

    1. Hmm, is that a loaded question? 😉
      I think it depends on how you see connection / love. I do expect something in return because I believe love is always conditional, but for me the condition is that someone be fair and honest with themselves and others. We can be deeply hurt and still love someone, but the part about no remorse indicates someone knows they are causing pain and have chosen not to be compassionate/ethical about it. That sort of thing gets no support from me!

      How would you answer that?

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