Year of questions: Does karma really exist?

The other day a 20 something year old was on the bus bench looking through his pockets trying to find a dollar for the bus. “I only have a $100 bill” he grinned, “and 7-11 won’t break it.” He didn’t ask for a dollar but I offered it anyway, and he smiled and thanked me. When I got on the bus (which had been fast approaching) the driver waved me through and wouldn’t accept my dollar, which I think was because he saw the exchange. The kid got on the bus and sat in the back, talking about the KISS concert the night before, and cursed in a good-natured fashion, “they were fucking great” etc…

The “what goes around comes around” philosophy doesn’t always operate that quickly, in fact as an existentialist I believe that the void we are all in is so large that most of the time we never see the response to our good actions. But when we put positive energy into the universe, it bounces around and eventually must do some good. I hope this is how karma works, because it’s hard to see how things connect from our vantage point as humans.

How do you think karma works?


5 thoughts on “Year of questions: Does karma really exist?”

  1. Seems the only karma of which we have any control is the karma we ourselves manufacture. I try never to be the source of anyone’s misfortune and never pass up an opportunity to perform a charitable act and don’t try to figure how the karma operates. I just do my part in spite of how the rest of the universe operates. And the bottom line is these 2 things are all the religion one probably needs. Thanks visit my blog. Lotta holiday themed cartoons coming up.

  2. Not sure how Karma works, but on the good deed side, I often (not always) find that doing something good for somebody else makes me feel good period! Thanks for stopping by stillvoicing!

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