Ok yes, I will have fun

My friends Sarah and Andy put together something called Fun-A-Day 2012. Apparently it’s been going on for about 8 years now, and if you want to learn more simply click here to go to the Artclash! Collective website.

For those of you who are in Albuquerque, once you’ve created your 31 pieces of art (don’t worry if you don’t do exactly one a day, it’s ok to catch up) there will be a unjuried show in early February at the Tan Gallery on 4th Street, just South of Downtown.

I’ve never done anything in the realm of capital A art, so I thought this would be a good way to get started without a lot of pressure.

I wasn’t sure where to begin, so I considered 2011 generally and what themes resonated for me. My friend Jesse Case Newcombe (who is a fantastic artist and musician) visited for a few days before Christmas, and we talked a lot about roots and growing and building community and one’s self.

Just before she headed up to Northern New Mexico, Jesse hid a very nice note for me and my roommate, and one phrase stuck out to me: “I hope the New Year brings you chances for deeper roots and new growth.” My mom passed away in September of this past year, and I’ve struggled with how to process the grief. But she was always big on roots and growing metaphors since she was an avid gardener and generally outdoors kind of person (for a thoughtful dialogue on that topic that she wrote click here).

For me, the relationship between my inner self and the world at large is well represented by a growing/tree/roots metaphor. I see the inner self / soul as the roots, which I have to pay attention to and help grow. The branches represent  things in the world and the friends and connections I have. Both are required for balance, and to grow a healthy person.

So my project for the month of January will be to fill up the tree you see above, partly with some personal items, and some small pieces of writing, and really whatever I feel I need to sustain growth. I’ll also be taking a picture a day and posting it on my Flickr account.

If you’re reading this and want to take part but aren’t sure what to do for a project, email me at JoeCardillo1@gmail.com or shoot me a line on Facebook and I’d love to throw around some silly/crazy/fun/executable ideas with you.