The pavement in your heart

“Rocksteady friend. The world is big, we are small, and this ship’s going down so be joyful.”A friend of mine posted a note on Facebook today. She wasn’t too specific (it is a public place after all) but she mentioned a few things that seem to be overwhelming her mind and heart. This got me to thinking that 2011 has been a strange year. Last year went out like a sack of dirt. So I was hoping this year was going to kick my face into happy smile land. But alas, no luck.

Anyway, the point is, to get ahead of all this nonsense: we are all screwed. The world is absolutely a mess. All of our hearts are going to be broken twice over, and maybe even covered in oil or nuclear particulate.

But so what? When has the human endeavor not been destined for terribleness? There’ve been good times, to be sure, but there have also been some tremendous mess ups.

In the last 3 years of my life, I have been out of a job, homeless (briefly), cheated on, messed over, married/now about to be divorced, my dad’s got Parkinson’s which is progressively sucking more every day, mom’s got cancer and after 4 years it’s winning, had to give up my dog, went through bankruptcy, had my car wheel stolen, and any number of other insults that I’m sure everyone has had to endure as well.

But, on the other side of the coin, I found a great job that lets me work at home, stopped driving and started biking everywhere, play in a great band with some badass dudes who are also good friends, met immeasurable numbers of people who’s hearts are so big I have no idea how they even fit in their chests,
stopped taking my life for granted, and started enjoying more moments than ever.

So, the thing I want to share is that we’re all screwed, to be sure. But we are all blessed as well. We can choose to pave our hearts over or we can choose to open them up to whatever may come. I’m no philosopher, that’s for sure. But if we cannot find joy in each moment how can we ever look at the world as anything other than a giant mess.


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